Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Waynesboro, Mississippi group learning to second line at Ralph & Kacoo's, Bossier City

"Hello. I'm Robert Trudeau and I'm from Clara, Mississippi." Cracked them up.

Enjoyed entertaining some 52 people from Wayne County, Ms, in Jan 08. Ralph & Kacoo's, Bossier City, was an outstanding place to dance these saucy people round the room.

The audience sang along melliflously, danced with aplomb, and laughed at my jokes. They seemed to appreciate the themes of Fais Do-do with Robert Trudeau.

Also, the food was rich and peppery and manager Debbie Fallardeau was terrifically helpful. Find my guide, How To Mardi Gras, on sale in the Ralph & Kacoo's Gift Shop.