Thursday, June 29, 2006

OCS reunion planner Ray bain brings in a national audience to enjoy Mardi Gras-type fun in September

Ray Bain, OCS reunion planner
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"This is the OCS Class 58-A reunion," says Bain. We graduated in 1958 from the program at Lackland AFB, Tx , with some160 in the class."

The reunion will draw some 70 people to Shreveport Sept 12 - 14. Fais Do-do with Robert Trudeau will be their banquet entertainment at the Clarion Hotel ballroom on Sept 14. Some 40 copies of How To Mardi Gras will be the goody bags distributed by the Shreveport hosts.

Along the way they will visit the Mardi Gras Museum and take a cruise on the Red River with the vivacious Jan Petit as their witty and history-minded guide. "We've always had Chamber of Commerce-type speakers at the banquet," says Bain. "This is something of a deviation from the routine, and everyone's excited."

Talk to him at 318-865-0020 if you want some tips on reunion planning. Basically, he says, "Get started early. I've been working on this one for a year. "


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